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This is one of my favorite breakfast options for maintaining a healthy gut.

Rolled uncooked oats are rich in resistant starch, which is a type of prebiotic
fiber that the body doesn’t digest so it helps to create a healthy gut environment.

Start by adding in a half cup of rolled oats then add about a half cup of your milk of choice.

Frozen or fresh fruit is a great ingredient for additional gut healthy nutrients, flavor and texture.

I switch up my sweetener between honey and maple syrup but honey is another gut healthy prebiotic that nourishes good bacteria in the digestive system so were sticking to that in this recipe.

Yogurt is also a fantastic ingredient for gut health, extra nutrients and to make the oats a bit more creamy.

Yogurt aisle overwhelming you? What to look for in a gut healthy yogurt brand… 

Your yogurt ingredient list should be minimal, focus on brands that contain live and active cultures and reduce unnecessary and added sugars.

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